3 Ways to Save Time on Cleaning

A lot of people reason that cleaning takes a lot of their time away which is why they prefer having a cleaning business providerto do the job. In actual sense, that is true on so many levels. However, what if I told you that you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing your chores anymore?

Here are some of the cleaning tips that will surely cut a lot of your cleaning time:

Invest in Good Equipment


Most of the cleaning equipment today have smart technology in it and are programmed to provide the highest form of cleanliness in the household. At first, you might find it intimidating because of the price but if you think about it, you can save more in the long run since you don’t have to hire someone to do the job for you.

Be in Command, Stay in Command


If there are other people living with you, tell them what to do or better yet, provide a schedule that they could stick to. It is important that you stay firm in your commands so that they will follow it and eventually do it by themselves due to a formation of habit.

Be Organized


Know where your tools are. Oftentimes, people spend too much time cleaning not because of the actual act but because of trying to locate the things needed. If you have a place for everything, it will be easy to locate them and start the tasks that needs to be done.

If ever you feel the need to know more about cleaning and how the business works, there are some service providers who take in individuals who can run errands for them.


Which Tools to Use for Systematically Cleaning 5 House Areas

As a professional cleaner, we don’t just cleanwherever we feel like cleaning, we have a system so that we can bring good home hygiene. Before we dig deeper into that system we must first identify the areas that need to be cleaned which is the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining room.

Start With the Most Difficult Area

As opposed to our rule in taking exams, you need to start with the most difficult area to clean. The reason behind this is that you still got a lot of energy to spare, thus, ensuring that you will be able to cover every corner of the area.

Tools that are commonly used in this area are toilet brush, brush scrubs for rough dirt on the floor, squeegee for cleaning excess water from the walls as well as for clearing bathroom mirror, and microfiber cloths for buffing the mirror and finishing up without leaving scratches.

Deal with Dusting And then Organize

Once you’re done with the bathroom, you can proceed to dust the bedroom, dining room, and living room. It is recommended to dust first so that you can just let it fall off the floor and clean it afterward. You can also organize whilst dusting to keep an efficient workflow.

To ensure that there are no dust residues and even pet hairs in every nook of your furniture, you can use feather duster for dusting, and sponges and microfiber cloths for removing other dirt.

Start Vacuuming

Get your vacuum to clean the dust and the rest of the dirt on your floor. You can also use the old broom and dustpan if you want, but it would take much more time.

Proceed to Mopand Drying

After you have ensured that there is no dirt left on the floor, you can mop it up and then use a soft cloth to dry the area.

Save the Kitchen for Last

The kitchen actually the only part of the house that is constantly cleaned which is why most of the time, you can just wipe the cabinets, appliances, countertops, with microfiber cloths or dust off the dirt, and then deal with the sink, and then, that’s about it.

If you find it tedious to do all of these, you have the choice to contact a local cleaning businessnear you.

Tips for House Cleaning in Spring Season

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5 Household Cleaning Tools that You Must Have

The world has been moving too fast and most household setting has been modernized. I mean when a household mostly has adults under their roof, it is common to have all of them have work already. In that setting, most of those households might hire a local cleaning business to do the job for them.

Now, if you are a part of that population, I am talking about but you still find the time to do the task yourself, then I think it is just right to provide you with 5 of the top household cleaning tools that you need for your all-around cleaning activity.

Microfiber Cloths

I have also mentioned this in my previous blog and I will not stop emphasizing how important microfiber cloths are. You see, unlike feather dusters and other tools that you usually use to clean stuff, using this one really ensures that the dirt sticks to the cloth, thus, absolutely leaving no residue.

It is also lightweight and has no rough surface like towels and other types of cloth so even when you clean countertops, appliances, glasses, you will not be leaving any marks and streaks.

Spray bottles

If you think that buying a pre-mixed solution for home cleaning is the most effective, then you got it all wrong. The internet has got a lot of mixes that you can use. It is much more effective and probably safer because most of these mixes involve little to no chemicals.

Having this on-hand also makes things easier since you can control the amount of water or solution that you could use while cleaning.

Scrub Brush

This actually is a very common household tool and even without this article, you should have one lying around your house. There are endless things you can do with a brush but, of course, the main reason one has is to remove rough dirt from our floors, not applicable to tiled floors, flower pots, patio, and a lot more.


An all-purpose squeegee can go a long way. Its use can reach from removing excess water from walls to cleaning reflective surfaces such as mirrors and windows without leaving unattractive marks. It is also very easy to clean which means that it will not be a burden when being used.


There are different kinds of sponges and each of these has its own uses. For example, a wire sponge is used for grills and other metal items. A dry sponge can be used to clean pet hair sticking around your furniture, carpet, and fabric curtains. As far as I know, there are still 6 other sponges that I have not mentioned.

I know that there are cleaning materials that already have smart technology but sometimes there are areas that need to be manually cleaned and for that, these items can come in handy.


9 Daily Habits to Help Keep a Well-Maintained Home

Let’s face it, thoroughly cleaning a house every week could really be tiresome. Because of how busy we are, we mostly would prefer to lay down or sit back and enjoy doing nothing for our rest day.

Yes, we understand that that is the main reason why you employ local cleaning businesses instead. However, have you ever thought about adjusting your habits so that even a slight clean-up could already mean big savings?

In this article, we will be providing you with some of the habits that you need to possess or change in order to keep a clean house, and in extension, providing a smaller space for an all-around, intensive, clean-up.

Look After Your Dirt

The problem with most of us is that after we do something that messes the house we just tend to ignore it thinking that we could do it later. What actually happens is that we delay everything until we have to do everything all at once. Now, if you clean right after you do something, it will keep at least the overall appearance of your house, clean.

Keep Cleaning Tools at an Arm’s Reach

Basically, the idea of this is that if ever you see something that is not clean or is not what it should appear to be, you can clean it right after. A good example of this is keeping a squeegee in your bathroom to get excess water off the walls and mirrors.

Get Everyone Involved

If you are living with other people, tell them to do the same thing so that the burden will not just fall on you. This way, you will have other people that you can share the important tasks with.

Dedicate a Place for Everything

Since we are also talking about developing habits, it is very important that you assign a place for your things so that whenever something is out of place, it can easily be picked up and brought back to where it was by anyone in the house.Once habitually developed, it’ll be easier to have a more organized house.

A Little Bit of Something

Most of our cleaning problems come with the thought of cleaning a lot. With this, we would suggest that you start doing a little bit of something every day to lessen the chores that you have to deal with for the week.

Make a Schedule

One way of developing a habit is to make a schedule and stick with it. Lay out the things that you need to do in a week and find a suitable time to accomplish each. Once you get used to it, keeping a clean house won’t be hard anymore.

However, if after all of these suggestions, you still prefer not to clean, then it would be best to call a cleaning business that can serve you well.