5 Ways to Flawlessly Clean Windows and Mirrors

A lot of people would be able to attest that the main problem when we are cleaningour windows and mirrors. Your stroke is too hard, or the items you are using might not be appropriate for the kind of materials that compose the mirror or the window.

In order for you to be able to know what are the right things to do for you to make sure that you leave no scratches or marks in your work, we have compiled 5 ways to ensure that you can flawlessly do the job.

Change Your Water


When we clean our windows, we initially wet it with water to make sure that it will wash away the dirt on our windows and mirrors. However, you need to know that there is a huge difference between tap water and distilled water when being used for cleaning.

Tap water tends to have a lot of nutrients because it hasn’t undergone any process. However, this will also mean that there can be impurities in the water that might not be visible to us but will surely make a mark once used. On the other hand, using distilled, kind of water that has undergone purifying, thus, eliminating any impurities within it which will then lead to a very clean and clear output.

Make a Vinegar Solution


Along with your distilled water, grab a vinegar and mix it together. It is highly recommended that you spray the solution in the cloth instead of the mirror or the window itself to avoid water build-up in its side and edges.

Use Microfiber Cloth


We know that the usual finishing touches when cleaning will involve the use of tissues, but, to be honest, it actually contributes a lot in leaving streaks. So, we suggest that you use Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth with medium pressure.

Just follow all of these tips and you’ll surely be good to go.Albino Rhino Cleaningdefinitely made sure of that.

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