Write for Us


If you are looking for a job and your passion is writing, then you might be the one that we are looking for.

Our blog is constantly on a search for individuals who are:

Good Researchers

If you do not have experience with regard to the cleaning business, we would at least like you to do some research. As a researcher, you must be able to identify which sources are reliable and legitimate to avoid providing our readers with false information.


Writing a blog has its own format and flow and so we would like someone who is already well-versed with writing it. Although, we also consider those who have experience in article writing.

Professional Attitude

We believe that your experience means nothing to us if you cannot provide us with a professional attitude. In this work, we will be dealing with different kinds of people and we expect you to be at your best behavior, always. If differences arise, we should be the ones to put our feet down and listen to what our clients have to say.


We need to know that we can work with you even without supervision. We have to make sure that you can do things on your own while maintaining the highest quality of blog posts possible.

SEO Knowledge

When you are writing for the web, there are certain things that you need to know about such as content writing practices. This will ensure that our content is not only high in quality but also could appeal to humans, and most especially, to search engines.


There might be times that the topic will only relate to our website in the littlest way. We need a writer who is able to deal with that variation and still do a good job despite the situation.

Again, we want to emphasize that yes, the experience is needed and most probably is a plus, but it does not mean that it is the main factor in choosing a writer. We still believe that attitude goes a long way and skills can be taught and developed in time.

So, if you feel like you certainly have a chance, no matter how small you think it might be, don’t hesitate to reach us through our contact page. Don’t be afraid. Besides, it is when you feel like you are not enough or able, that you actually discover how good you can be and how better you can still become.